Sunday, July 4, 2010

Promote Your Products From Blogs!

In the last post, I shared you about "Earn Money From Your Blog" by reviewing advertisers website.

But, how if you act as an advertiser?

Well, by using the same provider, you can cut off your time to promote your products. But, because now you're the advertiser, you need to register at this link. Still same simple way just like before.

If you have question why you should this tricks?

Well, you know that in the internet, search engine is the best way for customers find products they want to buy. And search engine use methods with complicated alghorithm. But, we don't need to understand about that. We just need to know that one important element used by search engine is backlinks from websites to review about relevant products.

You can personally ask to your blogger friends to write down your products in their blogs. But, how many your friends did you have? Moreover want to help you? How wide their blogs can catch the viewer?

If you use this manual way, you will waste lot of your time and energy. But you can use third party agent who can give you services in this works and let them works for you. Your money will come to you from the internet ;)