Saturday, July 24, 2010

IM-Online! » Yahoo! Messenger's Status Generator

IM-Online! » Yahoo! Messenger's Status GeneratorHello friends...!

I'm sure most of us already know how to put Yahoo! Messenger Status Icons to our blog so our friends can send us message when the status shows we're online. But, now I want to tell you one of most exciting website that give us free service of generating our code so then we just copy & paste it into our blog easily.

All you need is just visit this address There, they will give you a very detailed instructions. So I'm sure you won't get confuse. But, if so please tell me where's the part you don't understand. OK? ;)

You can also use the code for your forums or another social networking such as Friendster and Facebook. Please see How To Use page to know more about it. If you think they will collecting some charges for their services, you absolutely wrong. They provide it for free, no charge at all! But we can help this site keep alive by donating them for some bucks to show our respects for their nice job.

Fair enough, right? ;)

Please see in my previous post at "Memasukkan Status Yahoo! Messenger ke Blog" if you want to read in Bahasa Indonesia