Saturday, June 12, 2010

How To Cure Bad Breath

How To Cure Bad Breath
Bad breath is both an embarrassment and a horrible condition to be suffering from. Whether it be in a casual conversation or in a business situation like a meeting or seminar, there is no way of describing that feeling of dread when you realise during a conversation that there is something wrong with your breath. For some people that suffer from bad breath, this fear can stop them from going out into public situations. For some people the thought or fear that they have bad breath when in reality you don't is a real one. Called Delusional halitosis, it affects approximately 1% of the population.

The Correct Cure For Bad Breath

Bad breath has several distinct causes and the treatment will vary depending on the cause. If there is an underlying problem, eating mints will not resolve it long-term. Commonly, one in four people suffer from bad breath and there is a cure for more bad breath sufferers.

The main causes of bad breath include some foods, dentures, oral bacteria, smoking and dry mouth. There are both long-term and short-term bad breath depending on the cause, however there is a cure for each of them.

Bad Breath From Food

It is common knowledge that food such as onions and garlic can cause bad breath after being consumed. The smell of bad breath that originates from food comes from the intestinal tract, and while chewing on parsley or peppermint to mask to odour. You can use mint but it may become an even more unpleasant smell. It is best to wait till the food leave your body naturally.

Bad Breath and Dentures

Wearers of dentures should clean them regularly as food particles can be caught in them, and this is a great source of bacteria build-up. It is the bacteria that causes the bad breath. Regular cleaning will stop this from occurring.

Speaking of bacteria...

Oral Bacteria

This is the number one cause of bad breath in the mouth, teeth and gums. Regular brushing and cleaning, as well as flossing of the teeth can completely remove this problem. The tongue is another great place that bacteria love to live so ensure that you brush or scrape your tongue. Scraping is more effective as it removes the dead cells as well.

Smoking Causes Bad Breath

One of the strongest smells is from tobacco and cigarette smoke and it is very hard to shift from your mouth, and your clothes. Nothing can mask this strong, offensive smell. Some mouthwashes mask the smell for a short time. Stopping smoking is the best solution here.

Bad Breath Caused by Dry Mouth

Moisture in the mouth in the form of saliva cleans it of excess food particles and ensures that there is a balance that bacteria can exist in peacefully. If the mouth becomes dry, food particles build up and bacteria start to lose control. Suddenly the whole ecosystem in your mouth has gone awry. Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. This will reduce the chances of dry mouth. You may notice when you first wake up that your breath is quite strong. This is because the mouth has dried out while you were asleep. Drink a glass of water and that short-term problem disappears.

The mos effective solution for bad breath is to match the problem with the cause. Once the cure has been found, the suffer will feel less embarrassed and can get back to a socially normal life. At last you can attend those meeting with a new feeling of confidence.