Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eat Less, Get Healthy

Eat Less, Get Healthy
You know that you have to eat less in order to lose weight. But it is difficult to change your old habits, isn't it? Not anymore .... Here are tips which show you how to eat less and still enjoy your meals.

Slow, Mindful Eating:
We have become accustomed to do things mindlessly. We don't pay attention while doing thing. The same is true for eating. We are absorbed in our thoughts and mindlessly put food down our throats. This results in eating more while at the same time we don't derive much pleasure from it.

In order to eat less, you have to become mindful while eating. Concentrate on eating and don't think of other things. Don't discuss important business matters over meals. Set aside separate time just for meals. It should not be difficult to find 15-20 minutes for lunch or dinner, is it?

While eating, focus on the food in the plate. Notice the smells and the look of it. Chew the food slowly and keep it in your mouth for sometime before swallowing it. All this will make you enjoy the food more and you will eat less than you normally do. Try it out for a few days - however let me tell you that it is not so easy at first.

Eat Less, More Frequently:
Cut down on your meal size. Big meals will put a lot of burden on the stomach and digestive system. You will feel sleepy after having a big meal. It will make you feel lazy. It is not good for weight loss.

Try having smaller meals. Instead of 3 big meals, why not try 4-6 smaller meals per day. This can be good for your metabolism rate and digestion. Smaller meals can be digested easily and quickly. You will not feel lazy or sleepy after a small sized meal.

Having frequent, small meals will prevent you from feeling hungry. Thus you can avoid eating junk food or unhealthy snacks. Very soon, you may develop more control over your eating habits.

Eat Less Sugar:
Reduce sugar intake if you want to be healthy and lose weight. Sugar cravings might lead to overeating or binging on junk food.

To reduce sugar intake, keep a sugar diary for a few days. Note down anything sweet that you eat during the day in your diary. Do this for a few days and you can immediately realize how much sugar you have been eating and how you can cut down on it.

Another good tip is to replace the sugared soft drinks with plain water. This will also make a big difference. The soft drinks contain a lot of sugar which we are taking in without even realizing it.

Eat Salad Before Meals:
This is a great trick to eat less. Eating vegetables before the main meal will help in filling up your stomach fast. So you will not eat much. Vegetables are low in calories but high in nutrition.

The fiber contained in the vegetables will help in keeping the digestive tract working properly. Eating lots of fresh vegetables is very good for health and fitness.